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The terminal has four storage tanks, capable of storing multiple fuel grades. Each tank has the capacity of 11,000cbm, giving a total storage capacity of 44,000cbm. 


The newly installed tank gauging systems and uprated pumping equipment give the PBUK terminal extensive control over product movements. 

Advanced flow meters positioned at the dedicated fuelling berth provides high accuracy and precise measurements of quantities. 


All of this ensures the terminal can operate at maximum performance, while maintaining the highest level of safety. 



The Fueling Berths 


Portland Bunkers UK main berth is capable of handling vessels in excess of 180M LOA, with 48,000mt displacement and Drafts of up to 10.5M. 


The main berth has two hydraulically operated loading arm’s, as well as bunker hoses. Each can be allocated to a different fuel grade, offering fast and safe fuel transfers. 


The second fuelling berth enables Portland Bunkers to supply bunker barges, while simultaneously receiving imports to our storage tanks, or supplying customer vessels at the main berth, keeping delays to an absolute minimum. 

At Anchor 


The Outer Harbour provides a perfect and sheltered ship to ship bunkering location, offering six anchorages at depths of up to 19.3M (C.D). A Pilot is required inbound for bunkering but no requirement outbound, keeping operation time to a minimum.  


During adverse weather the Inner Harbour offers maximum shelter from all wind and weather directions allowing bunker operations to continue up to 27knts upper wind limit. five anchorages are available with depths of up to 15M (C.D) and 280 LOA. 


Bunkers can also be supplied by barge alongside many of the port’s berths, while the customers perform other operations and receiving other services, this significantly reduces time in port. 




Portland Bunkers UK Terminal has a unique location within the English Channel that provides excellent shelter from the prevailing south-westerly winds. 


Ships bunkers are supplied by dedicated Tankers (bunker barges) at the Outer and Inner Harbour anchorages, as well as alongside Portland Bunkers UK dedicated fuelling berth. 

Did you know? 


Due to the high volume of fuel stored at the terminal, Portland Bunkers UK Ltd are regulated and follow the legislation set out in the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH). 

Our Purpose 


To ensure the safe operation of our facility, deliver continuous product availability, while providing you with the highest customer service in the industry. 

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